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Singular support of the scattering kernel for the acoustic equation in inhomogeneous media
Majda considere la diffusion par un obstacle et etudie la relation entre le noyau de diffusion et la fonction support. On etudie les problemes correspondant a ceux de Majda pour la diffusionExpand
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Scattering theory for the elastic wave equation
In this paper we consider the linear elastic wave equation with the free boundary condition (the Neumann condition), and formulate a scattering theory of the Lax and Phillips type and aExpand
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Boundary Value Problems with Oblique Derivative
where A(x, Dx) is a second-order elliptic differential operator in O, and v is a smooth non-vanishing real vector field on F. When v is nowhere tangent to F, the problem (0.1) is, so-called, ofExpand
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Conditions against rapid decrease of oscillatory integrals and their applications to inverse scattering problems
On considere l'integrale I(σ)=∫ R nexp(−iσφ(x). ρ(x)σ)dx, avec un parametre σ>0, ou φ(x) est une fonction C∞ a valeur reelle et ρ(x;σ) est une fonction C∞ ayant un developpement asymptotique ρ(x;σ)∼ρExpand
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Asymptotic solutions of the elastic wave equation and reflected waves near boundaries
In the first half of this paper, we construct asymptotic solutions of linear anisotropic elastic equations. In the latter half, we investigate waves reflected by boundaries for plane incident wavesExpand
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Inflammatory Pseudotumor of the Retroperitoneum Removed via a Retroperitoneoscopic Approach
A retroperitoneal laparoscopic approach was found to be useful for treating primary retroperitoneal tumors located below the level of the renal vessels.
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A moment method on inverse problems for the heat equation
In this paper we consider an inverse problem for the heat equation in a bounded domain. The uniqueness and reconstruction are studied in terms of some bilinear form on a product set of harmonicExpand
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