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We present a theoretical calibration of the RR Lyrae period-luminosity (PL) relation in the UBVRIJHK Johnson-Cousins-Glass system. Our theoretical work is based on calculations of syntheticExpand
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Distance Scale Zero Points From Galactic RR Lyrae Star Parallaxes
We present new absolute trigonometric parallaxes and proper motions for seven Population II variable stars—five RR Lyr variables: RZ Cep, XZ Cyg, SU Dra, RR Lyr, and UV Oct; and two type 2 Cepheids:Expand
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RR Lyrae Stars
Preface 1. Introduction 2. The absolute magnitude of the RR Lyrae stars 3. RR Lyrae stars in globular clusters 4. RR Lyrae stars of the galactic field 5. Period changes, the Blanzhko effect, and theExpand
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Pulsating Stars: Smith/Pulsating Stars
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Star formation relations and co spectral line energy distributions across the J-ladder and redshift
We present FIR [50-300 mu m]-CO luminosity relations (i.e., log L-FIR = alpha log L'(CO) + beta) for the full CO rotational ladder from J = 1-0 up to J = 13-12 for a sample of 62 local (z 10(11)Expand
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Variable Stars in the Unusual, Metal-rich, Globular Cluster NGC 6441
We have undertaken a search for variable stars in the metal-rich globular cluster NGC 6441 using time-series BV photometry. The total number of variables found near NGC 6441 has been increased toExpand
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The Leo IV Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy: Color-Magnitude Diagram and Pulsating Stars
We present the first V, B – V color-magnitude diagram of the Leo IV dwarf spheroidal galaxy, a faint Milky Way satellite recently discovered by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. We have obtained B, VExpand
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Hubble Space Telescope Snapshot Study of Variable Stars in Globular Clusters: The Inner Region of NGC 6441
We present the results of a Hubble Space Telescope snapshot program to survey the inner region of the metal-rich globular cluster NGC 6441 for its variable stars. A total of 57 variable stars wereExpand
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Variable Stars In the Unusual, Metal-Rich Globular Cluster
We have undertaken a search for variable stars in the metal-rich globular cluster NGC 6388 using time-series BV photometry. Twenty-eight new variables were found in this survey, increasing the totalExpand
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Analysis of RR Lyrae Stars in the Northern Sky Variability Survey
We use data from the Northern Sky Variability Survey (NSVS), obtained from the first-generation Robotic Optical Transient Search Experiment (ROTSE-I), to identify and study RR Lyrae variable stars inExpand
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