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The Alimentary Canal and Digestion in Teleosts
The chapter discusses three methods by which the digestion rate in fish is estimated––namely, by measuring the time interval between food intake and defecation, byasuring the stomach contents at various time intervals after feeding, and by using X-rays for observing the progress of digestion with time. Expand
Oxygen consumption and efficiency of swimming goldfish
It is concluded that swimming goldfish use red and white muscle fibres simultaneously, and efficiency appeared to increase with increasing swimming speeds, according to E = 0·031 V 1·65, and to be linearly related to the force exerted by the propulsion muscles. Expand
Some experiments on the oxygen consumption of goldfish (Carassius auratus L.) in relation to swimming speed.
  • H. Smit
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Canadian journal of zoology
  • 1 July 1965
Excitement appears to raise the fish's oxygen consumption sharply, even without any increase of its locomotor activity, and this value is taken as a measure of the energy expenditure of the propulsion muscles. Expand
A novel 1 liter flow-through calorimeter for heat production measurements on aquatic animals without stress
Abstract A special custom-made 1 liter differential flow-through calorimeter (Setaram GF108) has been adapted for flow-through heat flux measurements of aquatic animals. The lower limit of detectionExpand
A New Species of the Water Mite Family Pontarachnidae Koenike (Acari: Hydrachnidia) from Turkey, Found in a Gill Filament of a Fish
  • H. Smit
  • Physics, Biology
  • 25 August 2008
A new species of the water mite family Pontarachnidae, Pontarachna episce n. sp., is described from the Mediterranean Sea near Turkey. It is the first member of this family from Turkey. The speciesExpand
Some Experiments On Thermal Acclimation in the Goldfish (Carassius Auratus L.)
The view that metabolism of the propulsion muscles of the goldfish changes into a more anaerobic type, so that the initial increase of the ventilation rate can be reduced during adaptation to the higher temperature, is supported. Expand
Influence of temperature on the rate of gastric juice sectretion in the brown bullhead, Ictalurus nebolosus
The rate of secretion showed compensation for temperature changes within the acclimation range between 20° and 30°C, and the composition of the gastric juice was found to depend on the rates of secretion, the latter being temperature dependent. Expand
Direct calorimetry on free swimming goldfish at different oxygen levels
Heat production and oxygen consumption of groups of fasting, dark acclimated free swimming goldfish were measured at 20‡C during normoxia and anoxia. For this purpose a special 1 liter flow throughExpand
Australian Arrenurus (Acari, Hydrachnidia) with the description of eleven new species
The following new species of the genus Arrenurus from Australia are described; the female of A. postmai Smit is described for the first time. Expand
Two new species of the genus Arrenurus from Pohnpei, Federal States of Micronesia (Acari: Hydrachnidia: Arrenuridae)
Two new species of the genus Arrenurus, A. cornuatus and A. kostkai are described from high elevation, head water streams on the island of Pohnpei, Micronesia.