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Purification and characterisation of amphiphilic lactase/phlorizin hydrolase from human small intestine.
Human intestinal lactase/phlorizin hydrolase (EC was purified in its amphiphilic form by immunoadsorbent chromatography. The purification factor was approximately 600 and the recoveryExpand
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Further characterization of intestinal lactase/phlorizin hydrolase.
Pig intestinal lactase/phlorizin hydrolase (EC was purified in its amphiphilic form by immunoadsorbent chromatography. The purified enzyme was free of other known brush border enzymesExpand
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Deamidation and cross-linking of gliadin peptides by transglutaminases and the relation to celiac disease.
Activation of small intestinal gluten-reactive CD4+ T cells is a critical event in celiac disease. Such cells predominantly recognise gluten peptides in which specific glutamines are deamidated.Expand
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Disaccharide digestion and maldigestion.
All food carbohydrates are hydrolysed to monosaccharides before transport across the microvillus membrane. The digestion of disaccharides and some oligosaccharides is undertaken by a number of smallExpand
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Hepatocyte growth factor activator inhibitor-2 prevents shedding of matriptase.
Hepatocyte growth factor activator inhibitor-2 (HAI-2) is an inhibitor of many proteases in vitro, including the membrane-bound serine protease, matriptase. Studies of knock-out mice have shown thatExpand
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Biosynthesis of intestinal microvillar proteins. Intracellular processing of lactase-phlorizin hydrolase.
The biosynthesis of pig small intestinal lactase-phlorizin hydrolase (EC was studied by labelling of organ cultured mucosal explants with [35S]methionine. The earliest detactable form ofExpand
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Trehalase deficiency in Greenland.
Small-intestinal surgical biopsy specimens from 97 adult Greenlanders showed an incidence of trehalase deficiency in at least 8%. Trehalose tolerance tests performed in three individuals with lowExpand
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Immunoelectrophoretic studies on human small intestinal brush border proteins--the longitudinal distribution of peptidases and disaccharidases.
  • H. Skovbjerg
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Clinica chimica acta; international journal of…
  • 5 May 1981
The longitudinal distribution of different brush border enzymes along the human small intestine was studied by crossed immunoelectrophoresis. The results are based on biopsies taken every 50 cm inExpand
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High Molecular Weight Pro-Sucrase-Isomaltase in Human Fetal Intestine
  • H. Skovbjerg
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Pediatric Research
  • 1 November 1982
Summary: Sucrase-isomaltase (SI) was isolated by immunoprecipitation from the intestines of human fetuses of 16–20 wk of gestational age as one large polypeptide (pro-SI) with a molecular weight ofExpand
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Evidence for biosynthesis of lactase-phlorizin hydrolase as a single-chain high-molecular weight precursor.
Precursor forms of lactase-phlorizin hydrolase, sucrase-isomaltase and aminopeptidase N were studied by pulse-labelling of organ-cultured human intestinal biopsies. After labelling the biopsies wereExpand
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