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Applying Agent-Based Modeling to Integrate Bounded Rationality in Organizational Management Research
Simulation models to analyze the dynamics of organizations have lately become more widely-used in organizational science. Expand
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Research and publication trends in systematic zoology 1758-1970
The main aims of the study are: - Description of a sub-branch of science (zoology) in detail by selected parameters. - Identification of research trends during the period of zoology from theExpand
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Lassen sich Entwicklungslinien der biologischen Schädlingsbekämpfung an einer Bibliographie aufzeigen?
SummaryBy evaluating 10.313 titles of the last ten issues of the Bibliography on Biological Control it was attempted to demonstrate some trends in biological control. Publications on autocidalExpand
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Bibliographie Über Biologische Bekämpfung
Im Rahmen der Arbeiten der Internat ionalen Organisation ffir Biologische Sch~,tdlingsbekiimpfung (O.I.L.B.) wird hier die zwSIfte Bibliographie verSffentlicht, die sich mit Grundlagen und AnwendungExpand
Invasive Salmonella typhimurium populations from Sub-Saharan Africa: Transmission and adaptation dynamics
Results: Addition of a soluble cocktail containing six protease inhibitors to a culture abolished the ability of B. pseudomallei to grow on ferritin as sole iron source. Addition of individualExpand
Bibliographie über biologische Bekämpfung
Im Rahmen der Arbeiten der InternationMen Organisation fiir Biologisehe Sehiidlingsbek~mpfung (O.I.L.B.) wird bier die elfte Bibliographie verSffentlieht, die sieh mit Grundlagen und Anwendung allerExpand
Introduction: Why Analyze Bibliographies?
IT IS becoming increasingly apparent that for the continued development of information studies it is above all necessary to investigate the paths along which scholarly information is moving. SinceExpand
Outlook: The Analyses of Bibliographies in the Future
THEdissemination of knowledge is linked with the general, often exponential growth of products and services, e.g. the Gross National Product. In the realm of knowledge this growth is subject toExpand