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The case of PRO
Icelandic case agreement suggests that nominative case is active in PRO infinitives in much the same way as in finite clauses, thus posing a difficult and a long-standing problem for generative (GBExpand
The syntax of Person, Tense, and speech features
This paper argues that Person interprets event participants in relation to speech participants in a parallel fashion as grammatical Tense interprets speech time, and that the Minimalist Program can be profitably developed such that features and feature built structures are the only syntactic elements. Expand
Conditions on Argument Drop
This article pursues the idea that null arguments are derived without any statement or parameter, instead following "naturally" from 3rd factor principles and effects (in the sense of Chomsky 2005).Expand
Argument-drop in old Icelandic
L'auteur teste l'hypothese de l'identification face aux constructions pro-drop qui existaient en vieil-Islandais et qui ont disparu au cours de l'evolution de cette langue. Cette hypothese predit queExpand
Icelandic finite verb agreement
L'A. propose une description de l'accord du verbe fini en islandais et releve un certain nombre de faits qui tendent a prouver que l'accord n'est pas le simple reflet de la relation specifieur-tete,Expand
This paper develops a (QP and a) DP analysis of the Icelandic NP, dealing primarily with prenominal modifiers and postnominal genitives. The paper argues that prenominal quantifiers and determinersExpand
Icelandic Case-marked PRO and the licensing of lexical arguments
On the basis of evidence from Icelandic I argue that PRO can be both governed and case-marked, but crucially not properly governed. Lexical arguments must be both case-marked and properly headExpand
Minimalist C/case
This article discusses A-licensing and case from a minimalist perspective, pursuing the idea that argument NPs cyclically enter a number of A-relations, rather than just a single one, resulting in event licensing, case licensing, and φ licensing. Expand