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On the crystallization of proteins.
Abstract We report on theoretical and experimental work aimed at a systematic approach to the crystallization of proteins. Successful crystallization depends on the competition between the growthExpand
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Self-consistent screening of a proton in jellium
The nonlinear screening of a fixed proton in jellium for the metallic density range covering rs=1 to rs=6 has been calculated self-consistently using the density-functional formalism. A new method isExpand
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The electronic structure of Fe2+ in reaction centers from Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides. I. Static magnetization measurements.
We have measured the static magnetization of unreduced and reduced reaction centers that vary in their quinone content. Measurements were performed in the temperature range 0.7 degrees K less than TExpand
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Failure of the local exchange approximation in the evaluation of the H/sup -/ ground state
The use of the local approximation for the exchange and correlation energy within the density-functional formalism has proven to be much more successful than originally anticipated. The calculationExpand
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Development of a Phase Transition for a Rigorously Solvable Many-Body System
The ferromagnetic transition is considered in detail for the Heisenberg Hamiltonian with all spins coupled equally. For this special model the statistical problem is solved exactly. The transitionExpand
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Surface‐State and Interface Effects in Schottky Barriers at n‐Type Silicon Surfaces
In an attempt to develop a Schottky barrier sufficiently low to be Ohmic at high current densities, Ca and Mg have been evaporated on freshly cleaved Si surfaces and on cleaved surfaces givenExpand
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