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The Effect of Electrical Stimulation on Blood Lactate after Anaerobic Muscle Fatigue Induced in Taekwondo Athletes
[Purpose] The aim of this study was to determine the effect of electrical stimulation on blood lactate after anaerobic muscle fatigue was induced in Taekwondo athletes. [Subjects] Twenty-four maleExpand
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Alternative technique for removal of phosphorus in wastewater using chemically surface-modified silica filter
Abstract An innovative phosphorus removal filter made of silica granules was designed and evaluated for advanced wastewater treatment. The silica granules from natural mineral stones were formed intoExpand
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The Effect of Lower Extremity Plyometric Training on the Proprioception and Postural Stability of Collegiate Soccer Players with Postural Instability
The purposes of this study were to determine the effects of lower extremity plyometric training on the proprioception and postural stability of collegiate soccer players with postural instability.Expand
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The Study of Muscle Activity Change with Lower Extremity during Stair and Ramp Walking in Young Adults
Purpose : The purpose of this study was to investigate characteristics of the muscle activities during level walking and stairs ascending in young adults. Methods : Fifteen young adult were recruitedExpand
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Preparation and characterization of SiO 2 –B 2 O 3 –P 2 O 5 particles and films generated by flame hydrolysis deposition for planar light-wave circuits
Boron-phosphosilicate glass particles were deposited on Si wafer by flame hydrolysis deposition under controlled conditions. A few ten nanometer sized and spherical glass particles were synthesizedExpand
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Procede et dispositif permettant de produire des preformes de fibres optiques au moyen d'un procede de depot externe en phase vapeur
L'invention concerne un procede et un dispositif permettant de produire une preforme de fibre optique au moyen d'un procede de depot externe en phase vapeur (OVD : outside vapor deposition),Expand
Elements en beton a hautes performances renforces de fibres en acier inoxydable employes comme coffrages perdus : caracteristiques des materiaux et comportement structurel
Actuellement, le travail de demontage des coffrages conduit a considerer plusieurs difficultes ; l'augmentation du cout total de la construction resultant des procedures avec une main d'oeuvreExpand
Common Trigger Points on College-Level Athletes with Various Sports
Sports refer to activities involving physical exertion and skill by a set of rules or customs and they are often undertaken competitively. Physical movements executed by an athlete are moreExpand
Comparison of The Hamstring-to-Quadriceps Strength Ratios of Collegiate Soccer Players and Age-Matched Healthy Students
The primary purpose of this study was to compare the hamstring-to-quadriceps strength(H/Q) ratios in collegiate soccer players and normal age-matched healthy students, and the secondary purpose wasExpand
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