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Suppression of the Melanogenesis of Mouse Melanoma B16 Cells by Sweet Potato Extract.
加熱調理したサッマイモからエタノール抽出物を調製し,マウスメラノーマB 16細胞に対するメラニン生成抑制効果とその活性成分の分離精製について検討し,次のような結果を得た.(1) サツマイモ抽出物はマウスメラノーマB 16細胞に対して,メラニン生成抑制作用を示した.(2) クロロゲン酸とイソクロロゲン酸異性体はともにマウスメラノーマB
Caffeoylquinic acid-rich purple sweet potato extract, with or without anthocyanin, imparts neuroprotection and contributes to the improvement of spatial learning and memory of SAMP8 mouse.
It is suggested that PSP rich in CQA derivatives with or without anthocyanidine had a neuroprotective effect on mouse brain and can improve the spatial learning and memory of SAMP8.
The Retrogradation of Starch Gels and Starch Properties from Various Kinds of Sweet Potato Starches
品種の異なるサツマイモから調製したサツマイモ澱粉の老化特性を比較した.また,澱粉の老化特性と澱粉の特性,アミロースとアミロペクチンの糊化度の変化,および,アミロペクチンの分子構造との関連性を検討した. 1)品種の異なるサツマイモ澱粉のゲルを調製し,5℃
Alteration in properties of kaki-tannin during heat-browning and purification.
Some unique and interesting characteristics of highly polymeric tannins are well known, such as having a strong ability to bind with proteins, alkaloids, and heavy metals. In a series of experiments
Suppression of Discoloration After Cooking of Sweet Potato by an Enzymatic Treatment.
サツマイモの調理後黒変の抑制するために,クロロゲン酸を分解する酵素の利用について検討した.(1) クロロゲン酸エステラーゼを調理後黒変の激しいベニオトメとベニハヤトに添加した結果,調理後黒変を抑制できた.(2)
Characteristics of the Three Species of Yam (Dioscorea) for Karukan Making
This document describes the development of KaU-09, a new approach to overcome the challenge of integrating EMMARM, or e-modulus.