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Oxygen consumption of single bovine embryos probed by scanning electrochemical microscopy.
The deltaC values for the morulae on day 6 after in vitro fertilization were strongly related to the morphological embryo quality, and the deltaC value after the subsequent 2 days of cultivation was found to be increased. Expand
Oxygen Permeability of Surface-modified Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Characterized by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
Scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) was employed to quantitatively characterize the oxygen permeation behaviors of poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) and surface-modified PDMS. The mass-transferExpand
Dielectrophoretically aligned carbon nanotubes to control electrical and mechanical properties of hydrogels to fabricate contractile muscle myofibers.
Aligned GelMA-CNT hydrogels show higher electrical properties compared with pristine and randomly distributed CNTs in GelMA hydrogel and muscle cells cultured on these materials demonstrate higher maturation. Expand
Simultaneous noncontact topography and electrochemical imaging by SECM/SICM featuring ion current feedback regulation.
A hybrid system of scanning electrochemical microscopy and scanning ion conductance microscopy with ion current feedback nanopositioning control for simultaneous imaging of noncontact topography and spatial distribution of electrochemical species and the evaluation of the permeation property of electroactive species through cellular membranes. Expand
A multicellular spheroid array to realize spheroid formation, culture, and viability assay on a chip.
A novel multicellular spheroid culture system that facilitates the easy preparation and culture of aSpheroid microarray for the long-term monitoring of cellular activity and functioning as a useful drug-screening device for cancer and liver cells is described. Expand
Dielectrophoretic micropatterning with microparticle monolayers covalently linked to glass surfaces.
Two-dimensional micropatterns of microparticles were fabricated on glass substrates with negative dielectrophoretic force, and the patterned microparticles were covalently bound on the substrate viaExpand
Electrochemical mutagen screening using microbial chip.
Electrochemical microbial chip for mutagen screening were microfabricated and characterized by scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) and have several advantages compared with the conventional umu test: drastic reduction of the sample volume, less time-consuming for beta-galactosidase detection (free from substrate reaction time) and lower detection limit for the three mutagens. Expand
Fabrication of miniature Clark oxygen sensor integrated with microstructure
Abstract A miniature Clark-type oxygen sensor has been integrated with a microstructure using a novel fabrication technique. The oxygen chip consists of a glass substrate with a three-electrodeExpand
Three‐dimensional co‐culture of C2C12/PC12 cells improves skeletal muscle tissue formation and function
A synergistic effect on the C2C12 differentiation induced by PC12 cells, which could be useful for creating improved muscle tissue, is suggested. Expand
Improving the electrochemical imaging sensitivity of scanning electrochemical microscopy-scanning ion conductance microscopy by using electrochemical Pt deposition.
Simultaneous SECM-SICM imaging of electrochemical features and noncontact topography by using the optimized probe afforded high-resolution images of epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFR) on the membrane surface of the A431 cells. Expand