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The infrared astronomical mission AKARI
AKARI, the first Japanese satellite dedicated to infrared astronomy, was launched on 2006 February 21, and started observations in May of the same year. AKARI has a 68.5 cm cooled telescope, togetherExpand
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The Far-Infrared Surveyor (FIS) for AKARI
The Far-Infrared Surveyor (FIS) is one of two focal-plane instruments on the AKARI satellite. FIS has four photometric bands at 65, 90, 140, and 160 mu m, and uses two kinds of array detectors. TheExpand
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Darwin--a mission to detect and search for life on extrasolar planets.
The discovery of extrasolar planets is one of the greatest achievements of modern astronomy. The detection of planets that vary widely in mass demonstrates that extrasolar planets of low mass exist.Expand
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FIS: far-infrared surveyor on board ASTRO-F (IRIS)
The ASTRO-F project is currently in its final stage of proto-model, which is constructed same as flight-model. Since instrument goals of the Far-Infrared Surveyor (FIS) are unprecedented achievementExpand
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SPICA Mid-infrared Instrument (SMI): technical concepts and scientific capabilities
SMI (SPICA Mid-infrared Instrument) is one of the two focal-plane scientific instruments planned for new SPICA, and the Japanese instrument proposed and managed by a university consortium in Japan.Expand
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AKARI Far-Infrared all sky survey
We demonstrate the capability of AKARI for mapping diffuse far-infrared emission and achieved reliability of allsky diffuse map. We have conducted an all-sky survey for more than 94% of the whole skyExpand
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Imaging Fourier transform spectrometer with photoconductive detector arrays: an application to the AKARI far-infrared instrument
We have developed an imaging Fourier transform spectrometer (iFTS) for space-based far-infrared astronomical observations. The iFTS employs newly developed photoconductive detector arrays with aExpand
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Advancing toward far-infrared interferometry in space through coordinated international efforts
The international far-infrared astrophysics community is eager to follow up Spitzer and Herschel observations with sensitive, high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy, for such measurements areExpand
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AKARI Infrared Imaging of Reflection Nebulae IC4954 and IC4955
We present the observations of the reflection nebulae IC4954 and IC4955 region with the Infrared Camera (IRC) and the Far-Infrared Surveyor (FIS) on board the infrared astronomical satellite AKARIExpand
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