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Sequence Elimination and Cytosine Methylation Are Rapid and Reproducible Responses of the Genome to Wide Hybridization and Allopolyploidy in Wheat
Interspecific or intergeneric hybridization, followed by chromosome doubling, can lead to the formation of new allopolyploid species. Recent studies indicate that allopolyploid formation isExpand
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Involvement of the Arabidopsis SWI2/SNF2 Chromatin Remodeling Gene Family in DNA Damage Response and Recombination
The genome of plants, like that of other eukaryotes, is organized into chromatin, a compact structure that reduces the accessibility of DNA to machineries such as transcription, replication, and DNAExpand
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High-frequency gene targeting in Arabidopsis plants expressing the yeast RAD54 gene.
Gene targeting, which is homologous recombination-mediated integration of an extra-chromosomal DNA segment into a chromosomal target sequence, enables the precise disruption or replacement of anyExpand
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Functional Conservation of the Yeast and Arabidopsis RAD54-Like Genes
The Saccharomyces cerevisiae RAD54 gene has critical roles in DNA double-strand break repair, homologous recombination, and gene targeting. Previous results show that the yeast gene enhances geneExpand
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