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Introduction To The Work Of Melanie Klein
A most lucid and comprehensive introduction to Kleinian theories from one of the leading contemporary Kleinian analysts, including new chapters on her early work and on technique. This is a reprintExpand
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Reflections on Truth, Tradition, and the Psychoanalytic Tradition of Truth
This paper describes psychoanalysis as a theory and practice aimed at the attainment of truth. In this sense, it resembles other fields of science, and its traditions are paradigms that have beenExpand
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The Work of Hanna Segal: A Kleinian Approach to Clinical Practice
As is evident in this volume of her clinical and theoretical papers, Hanna Segal has established herself as one of the most productive and sensitive clinical psychoanalysts in the field today. UsingExpand
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Psychoanalysis, Literature and War: Papers 1972-1995
Acknowledgements. Steiner, Introduction. Part One: Clinical Psychoanalysis. On the Clinical Usefulness of the Concept of Death Instinct. Phantasy and Reality. On Symbolism. A Delusional System as aExpand
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Silence is the real crime.
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On the clinical usefulness of the concept of death instinct.
  • H. Segal
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The International journal of psycho-analysis
  • 1 February 1993
Freud's concept of the death instinct is often considered as a purely biological speculation, and very few psychoanalysts consider it useful in clinical work. Yet Freud was led to it by purelyExpand
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Dream, phantasy, and art
The Royal Road. Phantasy. Symbolism. Mental Space and Elements of Symbolism. The Dream and the Ego. Freud and Art. Art and the Depressive Position. Imagination, Play, and Art.
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Phantasy and reality.
  • H. Segal
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The International journal of psycho-analysis
  • 1 April 1994
To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Controversial Discussions the author has selected the interplay between phantasy and reality for further consideration. Basing her thinking on her reading ofExpand
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Grouping does not require attention
Many theories of visual perception stipulate that Gestalt grouping occurs preattentively. Subjects’ failure to report perceiving even salient grouping patterns under conditions of inattentionExpand
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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Schafer, Foreword. Abel-Hirsch, General Introduction. Part I: Papers from 2000-2006. Introduction to Part I. Interpretation of Dreams - 100 Years On. Disillusionment: The Story of Adam and Eve andExpand
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