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Albinism and Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome in Puerto Rico.
Albinos of all types, including Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome, lacked binocular vision due to nearly complete crossing of the optic tracts, and consequently were legally blind.
Infection control measures among senior dental students in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil.
The results of this study address the need for an improved quality assurance in order for the students and faculty to improve their practices and attitudes on infection control measures.
Intralesional corticosteroids as an alternative treatment for central giant cell granuloma.
  • R. Carlos, H. Sedano
  • Medicine
    Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral…
  • 1 February 2002
Four cases of central giant cell granuloma were treated with intralesional infiltration of a solution of Kenacort-A (10 mg/mL, triamcinolone aqueous suspension SQUIBB) and either (1) Lidocaine 2%
Clinical orodental abnormalities in Mexican children.
Multifocal papilloma virus epithelial hyperplasia.
Frontonasal malformation as a field defect and in syndromic associations.
Oral and dental manifestations of vitamin D-dependent rickets type I: report of a pediatric case.
Dental examination revealed markedly hypoplastic, yellowish-to-brownish enamel in all permanent teeth, malocclusion, and chronic periodontal disease, and the differential diagnosis and treatment of VDDRI are discussed.
Respiratory scleroma: a clinicopathologic and ultrastructural study.