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Varicella-zoster virus retrobulbar optic neuritis in a patient with human immunodeficiency virus.
PURPOSE To determine the cause of bilateral retrobulbar optic neuritis followed by progressive outer retinal necrosis in a patient with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). METHODS ExtensiveExpand
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Epidemiology of nickel allergy: results of a follow‐up analysis of patients with positive patch tests to nickel
In a previous paper, we reported on nickel sensitivity in 2400 consecutive patients in 5 countries. 3 years later, we reassessed 104 of the 157 nickel‐positive patients of this former study and foundExpand
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[Surgical treatment of cardiospasm].
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Epidemiology of nickel allergy
In 2400 consecutive patients at 8 clinics in 5 countries, nickel hypersensitivity was found in 176 cases (7.3%), 19 male (2.1%) and 157 female (10.5%), The incidence ranged from 15 to 38 cases in 300Expand
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Macular holes: migratory gaps and vitreous as obstacles to glial closure
Abstract• Purpose: Retinal glia may play an important role in the closure of macular holes. This in vitro study examines whether and how the specific pathoanatomy, including foveal eversion andExpand
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Contact allergy to benzyl alcohol and benzyl paraben
of Centella asiatica extract causing allergic contact dermatitis (4), and neither aescin nor dagopin essence have been reported previously. Aescin is a mixture oftriterpenoid glycosides obtained fromExpand
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Pathogenesis of the vitreous cloud emanating from subretinal hemorrhage.
OBJECTIVE To determine the cellular mechanism that allows subretinal hemorrhage to cloud the vitreous. METHODS We simulated subretinal hemorrhage in a rabbit model by injecting autologous bloodExpand
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Sutureless cataract incision closure using laser-activated tissue glues
With the advent of phacoemulsification and foldable intraocular lenses, there is renewed interest in sutureless cataract wound. We report the use of laser activated tissue glues for the closure ofExpand
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Presumed choroidal granuloma with vitreous hemorrhage resembling choroidal melanoma.
This report describes a presumed choroidal granuloma with vitreous hemorrhage resembling choroidal melanoma. A healthy 31-year-old man, who had progressive vision loss in the right eye during 1Expand
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Contact dermatitis to sodium N‐methyldithiocarbamate
For the chemical treatment of potatoes, a 2538 % solution of metham-sodium is injected into the soil near the root stocks by special injection appliances. The solution is a mixture of sodium N-methylExpand
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