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Performance of antibody microarrays fabricated by either DNA-directed immobilization, direct spotting, or streptavidin-biotin attachment: a comparative study.
Antibody microarrays have the potential to revolutionize protein diagnostics. The major problems in the fabrication of antibody arrays, however, concern the reproducibility and homogeneity of theExpand
Chemical strategies for generating protein biochips.
Protein biochips are at the heart of many medical and bioanalytical applications. Increasing interest has been focused on surface activation and subsequent functionalization strategies forExpand
Diels-Alder ligation and surface immobilization of proteins.
A Protein-Interaction Array Inside a Living Cell**
Cell phenotype is determined by protein network states that are maintained by the dynamics of multiple protein interactions.1 Fluorescence microscopy approaches that measure protein interactions inExpand
Site-selective protein immobilization by Staudinger ligation.
A sticky situation: A site-specific immobilization of proteins onto a glass surface may allow the creation of protein microarrays. This approach relies on the Staudinger ligation betweenExpand
Oriented immobilization of farnesylated proteins by the thiol-ene reaction.
Anchoring the protein: Proteins were immobilized rapidly under mild conditions by thiol-ene photocoupling between S-farnesyl groups attached to a genetically encodable “CAAX-box” tetrapeptideExpand
Preparation of Biomolecule Microstructures and Microarrays by Thiol–ene Photoimmobilization
A mild, fast and flexible method for photoimmobilization of biomolecules based on the light‐initiated thiol–ene reaction has been developed. After investigation and optimization of various surfaceExpand
Addressable microfluidic polymer chip for DNA-directed immobilization of oligonucleotide-tagged compounds.
A microfluidic polymer chip for the self-assembly of DNA conjugates through DNA-directed immobilization is developed. The chip is fabricated from two parts, one of which contains a microfluidicExpand