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A new and efficient algorithm for the inverse kinematics of a general serial 6R manipulator
Abstract In this paper a new and very efficient algorithm to compute the inverse kinematics of a general 6R serial kinematic chain is presented. The main idea is to make use of classicalExpand
Algebraic methods in mechanism analysis and synthesis
An overview of the results achieved within the last few years using the algebraic geometric method, geometric preprocessing, and numerical analysis of mechanisms as well as the explanation of strange, pathological behavior is given. Expand
The Theory of Bonds: A New Method for the Analysis of Linkages
A new technique, based on dual quaternions, is introduced for the analysis of closed linkages with revolute joints: the theory of bonds, which demonstrates the usefulness of bond theory by giving a new and transparent proof for the well-known classification of overconstrained 5R linkages. Expand
Algebraic Geometry and Kinematics
This overview paper shows how problems in computational kinematics can be translated into the language of algebraic geometry and subsequently solved using techniques developed in this field using techniques applied within the last years. Expand
Evaluation of students' spatial abilities in Austria and Germany
TheMentalCuttingTestwasadministeredasapre-andpost-course test by students in Austrian and German universities. In these countries, almost half of all students start learning Descriptive Geometry whenExpand
Factorization of Rational Curves in the Study Quadric and Revolute Linkages
For every generic rational curve C in the group of Euclidean displacements C, a linkage is constructed such that the constrained motion of one of the links is exactly C. Expand
Path Planning in Kinematic Image Space Without the Study Condition
It is proposed that dual quaternions act in the usual way on points, even if the Study condition is not fulfilled, which induces a fibration of kinematic image space into straight lines that describe the same rigid body displacement. Expand
Uniqueness results for minimal enclosing ellipsoids
  • H. Schröcker
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Comput. Aided Geom. Des.
  • 1 December 2008
It is proved that uniqueness of the minimal enclosing ellipsoid with respect to strictly eigenvalue convex size functions is unique. Expand
Bond Theory and Closed 5R Linkages
Bond theory is presented as a new means for the analysis of overconstrained closed linkages with revolute joints and a classification of over Constrained 5R linkages is sketched. Expand
Factorization of Rational Motions: A Survey with Examples and Applications
This work provides pseudo-code for the generic factorization algorithm, demonstrates how to find a replacement linkage for a special case in the synthesis of Bennett mechanisms and, as an example of non-generic factorization, synthesize open chains for circular and elliptic translations. Expand