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Cubic curves from matrix models and generalized Konishi anomalies
We study the matrix model/gauge theory connection for three different = 1 models: U(N) × U(N) with matter in bifundamental representations, U(N) with matter in the symmetric representation, and U(N)
The Multi-Regge limit of NMHV amplitudes in N=4 SYM theory
A bstractWe consider the multi-Regge limit for N=4 SYM NMHV leading color amplitudes in two different formulations: the BFKL formalism for multi-Regge amplitudes in leading logarithm approximation,
Higgs-regularized three-loop four-gluon amplitude in $ \mathcal{N} = 4 $ SYM: exponentiation and Regge limits
We compute the three-loop contribution to the $ \mathcal{N} = 4 $ supersymmetric Yang-Mills planar four-gluon amplitude using the recently-proposed Higgs IR regulator of Alday, Henn, Plefka, and
Eikonal methods applied to gravitational scattering amplitudes
We apply factorization and eikonal methods from gauge theories to scattering amplitudes in gravity. We hypothesize that these amplitudes factor into an IR-divergent soft function and an IR-finite
Matrix model approach to the Script N = 2 U(N) gauge theory with matter in the fundamental representation
We use matrix model technology to study the = 2 U(N) gauge theory with Nf massive hypermultiplets in the fundamental representation. We perform a completely perturbative calculation of the periods ai