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How does insertion in global value chains affect upgrading in industrial clusters?
Humphrey J. and Schmitz H. (2002) How does insertion in global value chains affect upgrading in industrial clusters?, Reg. Studies 36, 1017–1027. What is the scope for local upgrading strategies
Collective efficiency: Growth path for small‐scale industry
This study is concerned with the growth of small local industry in developing countries and explores one particular route for understanding and fostering such growth. It focuses on the clustering of
Governance and Upgrading: Linking Industrial Cluster and Global Value Chain Research
For example, operating in quasi—hierarchical global chains helps local producers to embark on rapid product and process upgrading, but makes it difficult to progress into the design and marketing
Clustering and Industrialization: Introduction
Compared with a decade ago, there is now more optimism concerning the growth and export prospects of small manufacturers in developing countries. Recent research on industrial clusters has made a
Collective Efficiency and Increasing Returns
Recent research on industrial clusters in developing countries has unearthed some notable success stories of small local enterprises growing fast and competing in export markets. This paper focuses
Global Competition and Local Cooperation: Success and Failure in the Sinos Valley, Brazil
Abstract Recent cluster literature suggests that joint action is essential for responding successfully to major challenges. This article investigates whether enterprises in the export-oriented Sinos
Small Shoemakers and Fordist Giants: Tale of a Supercluster
Abstract This paper investigates a success story from a country in crisis: the shoe industry of the Sinos Valley in Brazil. The main question is to what extent the industrial district model captures
Breakthrough? China's and India's Transition from Production to Innovation
Summary China and India have become major producers of products and services for global markets. This article explores to what extent they are also building up innovation capabilities. It draws on a
Local enterprises in the global economy : issues of governance and upgrading
This book opens a fresh chapter in the debate on local enterprise clusters and their strategies for upgrading in the global economy. The authors employ a novel conceptual framework in their research
Learning and Earning in Global Garment and Footwear Chains
This article explores the power of the global value chain approach in explaining the growth of production capabilities and the distribution of gains. It suggests that the upgrading opportunities of