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The annual volcanic gas input into the atmosphere, in particular into the stratosphere: a global data set for the past 100 years
We compiled a global data set of volcanic degassing during both explosive and quiescent volcanic events. The data set comprises estimates of gas emissions of volcanoes from Europe (e.g. Etna), AsiaExpand
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The 40Ar/39Ar age dating of the Madeira Archipelago and hotspot track (eastern North Atlantic)
The 40Ar/39Ar ages for 35 volcanic rocks and 14C ages for two charcoal samples from the Madeira Archipelago and Ampere Seamount (eastern North Atlantic) are presented. The volcanic evolution ofExpand
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Cretaceous ocean crust at DSDP Sites 417 and 418: Carbon uptake from weathering versus loss by magmatic outgassing
Ocean crustal carbon uptake during seafloor alteration at DSDP Sites 417A, 417D, and 418A exceeds the estimated loss of carbon during magmatic ridge outgassing. If these sites are representative forExpand
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The Pliocene seamount series of La Palma/Canary Islands
A Pliocene submarine series of alkali basaltic pillow lavas, hyaloclastites, and breccias (A), a sheeted dike swarm (B), and a basal suite of gabbro and ultramafic rocks (C) from La Palma (CanaryExpand
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Submarine landslides around the Canary Islands
The morphology and structure of the submarine flanks of the Canary Islands were mapped using the GLORIA long-range side-scan sonar system, bathymetric multibeam systems, and sediment echosounders.Expand
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Environmental response to climatic and volcanic events in central Europe during the Weichselian Lateglacial
This paper reviews major results of the recent German research priority program “Changes of the geo-biosphere during the last 15,000 years”, a contribution to PAGES focussing on changes of theExpand
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A Mid Cretaceous origin for the Galápagos hotspot: volcanological, petrological and geochemical evidence from Costa Rican oceanic crustal segments
Abstract The Quepos, Nicoya and Herradura oceanic igneous terranes in Costa Rica are conspicuous features of a Mid to Late Cretaceous regional magmatic event that encompasses similar terranes inExpand
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Palagonite – a review
Abstract Palagonite is the first stable product of volcanic glass alteration. It is a heterogeneous material, usually with highly variable optical and structural properties, ranging from a clear,Expand
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Late Pleistocene to Holocene temporal succession and magnitudes of highly-explosive volcanic eruptions in west-central Nicaragua
The stratigraphic succession of widespread tephra layers in west-central Nicaragua was emplaced by highly explosive eruptions from mainly three volcanoes: the Chiltepe volcanic complex and the MasayaExpand
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