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European phenological response to climate change matches the warming pattern
Global climate change impacts can already be tracked in many physical and biological systems; in particular, terrestrial ecosystems provide a consistent picture of observed changes. One of theExpand
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Changes in European spring phenology
The European phyto-phenological database of the EU 5th Framework project ‘POSITIVE’ facilitated an examination of the rate and spatial pattern of changes in spring phenology across Europe. ThisExpand
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Deuterium excess in precipitation of Alpine regions – moisture recycling
The paper evaluates long-term seasonal variations of the deuterium excess (d-excess = δ2H − 8… δ18O) in precipitation of stations located north and south of the main ridge of the Austrian Alps. ItExpand
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We analyse how variations in the climatological growing season, defined by single-value thresholds of daily minimum and mean air temperature, mirror recent changes in plant phenological phases. InExpand
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Trends of spring time frost events and phenological dates in Central Europe
Summary¶Over large parts of the Northern Hemisphere’s continents temperature has been increasing during the last century. Particularly minimum temperatures show a more pronounced increase thanExpand
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Atmospheric mechanisms governing the spatial and temporal variability of phenological phases in central Europe
A data set of 17 phenological phases from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia spanning the time period from 1951 to 1998 has been made available for analysis together with a griddedExpand
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Transport of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and ozone to the Alpine Global Atmosphere Watch stations Jungfraujoch (Switzerland), Zugspitze and Hohenpeissenberg (Germany), Sonnblick (Austria) and
Abstract The Alpine stations Zugspitze, Hohenpeissenberg, Sonnblick, Jungfraujoch and Mt. Krvavec contribute to the Global Atmosphere Watch Programme (GAW) of the World Meteorological OrganizationExpand
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Climate change scenarios at Austrian National Forest Inventory sites
Regional risk assessments for the potential effects of climate change rely on plausible small-scale climate change scenario data. To bridge the gap between the coarse scale of general circulationExpand
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The sensitivity of Austrian forests to scenarios of climatic change: a large-scale risk assessment based on a modified gap model and forest inventory data
Abstract In a spatially explicit climate change impact assessment the modified patch model PICUS v1.2 was applied to simulate the transient response of current forests in Austria under three climateExpand
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Exploring two methods for statistical downscaling of Central European phenological time series
Abstract. In this study we set out to investigate the possibility of linking phenological phases throughout the vegetation cycle, as a local-scale biological phenomenon, directly with large-scaleExpand
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