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Effects of Rare-Earth Oxides on the Reliability of X7R Dielectrics
The effects of rare-earth oxides, e.g., La, Nd, Sm, Dy and Yb, on the reliability of multilayer capacitors (MLCs) with X7R dielectrics and Ni electrodes were investigated. Microstructures of theExpand
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Relationship between Dielectric Properties and Microphonics of Mulutilayer Ceramic Capacitors
As a result of investigating the relationship between the dielectric properties of BaTiO3-based dielectrics and the microphonics of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), it was confirmed thatExpand
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Ceramique dielectrique non reductrice et condensateur en ceramique monolitique l'utilisant
Un dielectrique non reducteur contient un composant principal comportant une phase cristalline de perovskite et satisfaisant la formule(Ca1-a-b-c Sra Bab Mgc )m (Zr1-w-x-y-z Tiw Mnx Niy Hfz )O3 et unExpand
Effect of Microstructure on Reliability of Ca(TiZr)O3-Based Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
We examined the reliability of Ca(TiZr)O3 (CTZ)-based Ni-electrode multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCs) prepared by two different processes with particular interest in the microstructure. One processExpand
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Dielectric ceramics and the use thereof in a monolithic Kramikkondensator
A dielectric ceramic consisting of a main component, the Ba, Ca and Ti and having a perovskite structure represented by the general formula ABO a first auxiliary component containing R wherein R isExpand
Céramique diélectrique et condensateur céramique stratifié
L'invention concerne une ceramique dielectrique composee principalement d'un compose a base de BaTiO3 et representee par la formule generale [100AmBO3 + aNiO + bROn + cMOV + dMgO + eXOW] dansExpand
Effects of Grain Boundary and Segregated-Phases on Reliability of Ba(Ti,Zr)O3-Based Ni Electrode MLCs
The reliability in the highly accelerated life test (HALT) for multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCs) composed of the Ba(Ti,Zr)O3-Gd-Mg-Mn-Si system was markedly improved by controlling the amount ofExpand
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