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Anatomical variation of sciatic nerve division in the popliteal fossa and its implication in popliteal nerve blockade.
The present findings suggest that the tibial nerve and common peroneal nerve leave the common SN sheath at variable distances from the popliteal crease, and this finding and the relationship of the TN and CPN sheaths may have significant implications forpopliteal nerve block. Expand
The Protective Effect of Vitamin E and Selenium on Methimazole-induced Hepato-renal Toxicity in Adult Rats
The combination of Vit.E and Se is more effective in ameliorating MMI-induced hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity than either antioxidant alone in rats. Expand
Effect of metformin and pioglitazone on β-catenin and biochemical markers in sitagliptin-induced pancreatitis in diabetic rats
The decrease in β-catenin seems to be involved in reversal of sitagliptin-associated pancreatitis by metformin or pioglitazone, which may be due to better effectiveness in controlling diabetes. Expand
Effect of Maternal Lead Exposure on Craniofacial Ossification in Rat Fetuses and the Role of Antioxidant Therapy
It is concluded that lead exposure to rats during pregnancy led to varying degrees of fetal growth retardation as well as delayed ossification of some craniofacial bones which were dose dependent and the concomitant supplementation with vitamin E greatly improved the deleterious effect of lead. Expand
The Prenatal Toxic Effect of Methylmercury on the Development of the Appendicular Skeleton of Rat Fetuses and the Protective Role of Vitamin E
The results suggest that vitamin E may ameliorate some aspects of MeHg developmental toxicity and the underlying and human health implications warrant further investigations. Expand
Protective effect of garlic extract against maternal and foetal cerebellar damage induced by lead administration during pregnancy in rats.
This study showed that co-administration of garlic has beneficial effects in amelioration of Pb-induced neurotoxicity and reversing the histopathological changes of the cerebellum of mother rats and foetuses. Expand
Effect of sodium selenite and vitamin E on the renal cortex in rats: an ultrastructure study.
An ameliorative effect of adding vitamin E to sodium selenite-induced changes in cortical tissues is disclosed and Clinically, it is advised to additamin E to avoid selenium overdose hazards. Expand
Beneficial Effects of Curcumin in Maternal and Fetal Oxidative Stress and Brain Damage Induced by Gestational Lead Administration
The results displayed that Pb administration to pregnant rats resulted in a dose-dependent toxicity for both mothers and fetuses, and co-administration of Cur could have ameliorative effect against Pb-induced neurotoxicity through the reduction of oxidative stress and reversal of histopathological changes. Expand
Thymoquinone ameliorates oxidative damage and histopathological changes of developing brain neurotoxicity
It was concluded that co-treatment of TQ along with gestational Pb exposure could mitigate the effects against Pb-induced maternal and fetal neurotoxicity. Expand
Vanilloid receptor type 1-immunoreactive nerves in the rat urinary bladder and primary afferent neurones: The effects of age.
  • H. Saleh
  • Medicine
  • Folia morphologica
  • 8 June 2006
The present findings suggest that the effects of VR1 on bladder function (nociception and reflex micturition) are influenced by age and the reduction with age ofVR1-ir neurones in the dorsal root ganglia could also have important implications for the mictURition reflex. Expand