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Pulse shape discrimination of LSO and LuYAP scintillators for depth of interaction detection in PET
A feasible way to gain the depth of interaction information in a positron emission tomography scanner is the use of phoswich detectors. In general, the layer of interaction is identified from the
Quality metric-based fitness function for robust watermarking optimisation with Bees algorithm
In this study, the embedding strength parameters for per-block image watermarking in the discrete cosine transform (DCT) domain are optimised and the Bees algorithm is selected as the optimisation method and the proposed fitness function is applied.
A Fast Block-Pruned 4x4 DTT Algorithm for Image Compression
A new fast block-pruned 4x4 DTT algorithm which is suitable for pruning the output coefficients in block fashion and requires the smallest computation complexity with respect to other recently proposed algorithms.
Fast computation of 2D and 3D Legendre moments using multi-core CPUs and GPU parallel architectures
New parallel algorithms are proposed to speed up the process of exact Legendre moments computation for 2D and 3D image/objects and the first parallel CPU and GPU acceleration of the reconstruction phase of the Legendre moment is presented.
Image retrieval based on integration between YCbCr color histogram and shape feature
A new image retrieval system, which uses color and Shape descriptions information to form the feature vectors and integrates the ycbcr color histogram which represents the global feature and Fourier descriptor as local descriptor to enhance the retrieval results.
Optimized SVD-based robust watermarking in the fractional Fourier domain
An optimized robust watermarking method is proposed using Fractional Fourier Transform and Singular Value Decomposition and it is noticed that the proposed method can achieve a higher robustness degree when decreasing the quality threshold value.
Fragile watermarking for image tamper detection and localization with effective recovery capability using K-means clustering
The effectiveness of the proposed image authentication approach under some of the most common attacks of image tampering, including copy move, constant average, and vector quantization attacks is examined.
Enhanced Watermarking Scheme for 3D Mesh Models
A new non-blind watermarking scheme for 3D graphical mesh attacks, which uses the model's prominent feature points to divide the model into separate segments, and is projected from 3D representation to the 3 main 2D-Planes.