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Cytokinin Oxidase Regulates Rice Grain Production
Most agriculturally important traits are regulated by genes known as quantitative trait loci (QTLs) derived from natural allelic variations. We here show that a QTL that increases grain productivityExpand
Cytokinins: activity, biosynthesis, and translocation.
  • H. Sakakibara
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annual review of plant biology
  • 2 May 2006
Cytokinins (CKs) play a crucial role in various phases of plant growth and development, but the basic molecular mechanisms of their biosynthesis and signal transduction only recently became clear.Expand
PSEUDO-RESPONSE REGULATORS 9, 7, and 5 Are Transcriptional Repressors in the Arabidopsis Circadian Clock[W][OA]
PSEUDORESPONSE REGULATOR9 (PRR9), PRR7, and PRR5 regulate the Arabidopsis circadian clock. PRR9, PRR7, and PRR5 proteins associate with CIRCADIAN CLOCK ASSOCIATED1 and LATE ELONGATED HYPOCOTYLExpand
DWARF10, an RMS1/MAX4/DAD1 ortholog, controls lateral bud outgrowth in rice.
Plant architecture is mostly determined by shoot branching patterns. Apical dominance is a well-known control mechanism in the development of branching patterns, but little is known regarding itsExpand
The ethylene response factors SNORKEL1 and SNORKEL2 allow rice to adapt to deep water
Living organisms must acquire new biological functions to adapt to changing and hostile environments. Deepwater rice has evolved and adapted to flooding by acquiring the ability to significantlyExpand
Dynein structure and power stroke
Dynein ATPases are microtubule motors that are critical to diverse processes such as vesicle transport and the beating of sperm tails; however, their mechanism of force generation is unknown. EachExpand
Direct control of shoot meristem activity by a cytokinin-activating enzyme
The growth of plants depends on continuous function of the meristems. Shoot meristems are responsible for all the post-embryonic aerial organs, such as leaves, stems and flowers. It has been assumedExpand
Delayed leaf senescence induces extreme drought tolerance in a flowering plant
Drought, the most prominent threat to agricultural production worldwide, accelerates leaf senescence, leading to a decrease in canopy size, loss in photosynthesis and reduced yields. On the basis ofExpand
AtIPT3 is a key determinant of nitrate-dependent cytokinin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis.
We analyzed the spatial expression pattern of Arabidopsis thaliana adenosine phosphates-isopentenyltransferase genes (AtIPT1, AtIPT3 to AtIPT8) and the effect of inorganic nitrogen sources on theirExpand
Arabidopsis CYP735A1 and CYP735A2 Encode Cytokinin Hydroxylases That Catalyze the Biosynthesis of trans-Zeatin*
Cytokinins (CKs), a group of phytohormones, are adenine derivatives that carry either an isoprene-derived or an aromatic side chain at the N6 terminus. trans-Zeatin (tZ), an isoprenoid CK, is assumedExpand