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Method for the determination of imazamox and its two hydroxy and glucose conjugate metabolites in adzuki beans by capillary electrophoresis
A new method was developed for the simultaneous assay of the parent compound imazamox and its two relatively polar hydroxy and glucose conjugate metabolites, in adzuki beans. The method uses aExpand
Quantitative analysis of imazamox herbicide in environmental water samples by capillary electrophoresis electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.
Capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry with an electrospray ionization interface was applied for the quantitative analysis of imazamox pesticide in well water, potable water, and pond water and the detector response was linear over the concentration range of 50-1 ng/ml. Expand
Determination of Glyphosate as cross‐contaminant in a commercial herbicide by capillary electrophoresis‐electrospray ionization‐mass spectrometry
The CE‐MS analysis of Glyphosate was simple, rapid, and selective, and was proven to be ideal for cross‐contamination investigations in manufacturing samples. Expand
Overcoming extractability hurdles of a 14C labeled taxane analogue milataxel and its metabolite from xenograft mouse tumor and brain tissues.
A productive extraction technique for milataxel (MAC-321, TL-139) in nude mice with various xenograft human tumors was developed by extracting analytes from tumors using a novel extraction procedure and analyzing samples by LC-MS. Expand