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The Myth Of The Male Breadwinner: Women And Industrialization In The Caribbean
* Gender and Industrialization in the Caribbean Basin * The Male Breadwinner and Womens Wage Labor * Women Workers and the Rise and Decline of Puerto Ricos Operation Bootstrap * The DominicanExpand
Runaway Shops and Female Employment: The Search for Cheap Labor
  • H. Safa
  • Economics
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 1 December 1981
Since the 1960s there has been a marked expansion in a new form of multinational enterprise, characterized primarily by the manufacture of exports in less developed countries destined for sale inExpand
The Matrifocal Family and Patriarchal Ideology in Cuba and the Caribbean
  • H. Safa
  • Political Science
  • 1 November 2005
La matrifocalidad tiene en el Caribe raices historicas profundas, como modalidad familiar alternativa que surgio en la clase popular afrocaribena, donde los lazos consanguineos eran mas fuertes queExpand
This article documents the increasing participation of poor women in social movements in Latin America, focusing on movements centered around human rights and collective consumption issues, such asExpand
The Women’s Movement in Latin America: Participation and Democracy
* Introduction: From Transition to ParticipationWomens Movements and Democratic Politics Jane S. Jaquette. * The (Trans)formation of Feminism(s) and Gender Politics in Democratizing Brazil Sonia E.Expand
Women's Work: Development and the Division of Labor by Gender
Significant because [it] traces the development process from the non-industrial societies to present-day socialist nations, includes scholars from the first and third worlds, and provides data for aExpand
Urbanization, The Informal Economy And State Policy In Latin America
This paper reviews the historical process of urbanization and industrialization in Latin America stemming from changes in the mode of incorporation into the capitalist world economy from the colonialExpand
Economic Restructuring and Gender Subordination
This article discusses the issue of whether wage labor merely exploits women as a source of cheap labor and adds to the domestic burden or whether wage labor gives women greater autonomy and raisesExpand