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Taurine modulates ion influx through cardiac Ca2+ channels.
Taurineincreased the resting potential irrespective of [Ca]o, suggesting that, in addition, taurine increased K+ conductance and/or ion exchange systems such as the Na/Ca and Na/K exchange. Expand
Developmental changes in β‐adrenergic and cholinergic interactions on calcium‐dependent slow action potentials in rat ventricular muscles
It is suggested that developmental changes in the modulatory effects of β‐adrenoceptor and cholinoceptor agonists on Ca2+ channels occur from a few days before birth to 2 weeks after birth and that the functional coupling between muscarinic Cholinoceptors and Ca2-dependent slow action potentials has already been established when the coupling between β‐ adrenoceptor and Ca 2+ channels starts to operate. Expand
Developmental change in fast Na channel properties in embryonic chick ventricular heart cells.
The steady-state (window current) conductance, which was sufficient to induce automatic activity in the young embryos, was progressively reduced with age, and the voltage dependence of the inactivation time constant and the steady- state inactivation underwent a shift in the Voltage dependence toward negative potentials during embryonic development. Expand
Effect of phentolamine, alprenolol and prenylamine on maximum rate of rise of action potential in guinea-pig papillary muscles
  • H. Sada
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology
  • 1 October 1978
It is suggested that the drug molecules associate with the open sodium channels and dissociate slowly from the closed channels and that the inactivation parameter in the drug-associated channels is shifted in the hyperpolarizing direction. Expand
Effects of para-substituted beta-adrenoceptor blocking agents and methyl-substituted phenoxypropanolamine derivatives on maximum upstroke velocity of action potential in guinea-pig papillary muscles
The effects of atenolol, sotalol and pamatolol along with N-tertiary butyl phenoxypropanolamines with o-methyl, m-methyl and p-methyl on action potentials (APs) were investigated in isolated guinea-pig papillary muscles and fairly good correlations were found. Expand
Taurine Effects on Action Potentials and Ionic Currents in Chick Myocardial Cells
Taurine has been reported to induce a positive inotropy in heart muscle [1–3]. Taurine was also reported to exhibit beneficial effects in the treatment of congestive heart failure [4], and to haveExpand
Developmental changes in β‐adrenoceptors, muscarinic cholinoceptors and Ca2+ channels in rat ventricular muscles
1 In an attempt to explain the previous electrophysiological data on the ontogeny of β‐adrenergic and muscarinic cholinergic interactions on cardiac Ca2+ current, biochemical studies were performedExpand
Kinetic mechanism of Na+ channel depression by taurine in guinea pig ventricular myocytes.
It is suggested that taurine alters the surface charge of the membrane and reduces the number of charges moving upon activation and inactivation of channels, thereby reducing I(Na). Expand
Fast inward current properties of voltage-clamped ventricular cells of embryonic chick heart.
Except for the low current density of embryonic chick ventricular cells the voltage- and time-dependent kinetics of the fast inward current channel were quite similar to those reported for the fast Na+ channels in single myocytes of adult hearts of other animal species. Expand
Ontogenesis of transmembrane signaling systems for control of cardiac Ca2+ channels.
This article has reviewed some of the important properties of the transmembrane signaling systems for the control of Ca2+ channels and how they changed during development, especially in the rat heart. Expand