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Respiration and Nitrogen Metabolism of Whole and Sliced Radish Roots with Reference to the Effect of Alternation of Air and Nitrogen Atmospheres.
The authors suggest that the rise in the respiration of the slices and the maintenance of high rate for many days is due to less restricted gaseous exchange and to mechanical injury and wound stimuli which may induce metabolic changes leading to an increased concentration of respirable substrate or of respiration enzymes.
Comparative Study of Sucrose Inversion and Synthesis by Carrot and Radish Root Slices
Saïd found that when slices of varied thicknesses were suspended in sucrose solution, the rate of inversion in the medium was directly proportional to the number of exposed surfaces per mass of tissue slices.
Effect of Phosphorus on the Hydrolysis and Absorption of Sucrose by Plant Cells
  • H. Saïd
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • 25 September 1948
Higher rates of respiration were obtained if the phosphorus-starved leaves were supplied with both sucrose and phosphate together and the sucrose effect was less apparent when phosphorus deficiency was more acute.
A Substitute for ‘Annatto’ in Butter
BUTTER—especially that prepared from buffalo milk-is usually artificially coloured to make it look like that afforded by well-known dairy breeds of cows (such as the Jerseys). Many colouring matters