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Motives and Perceived Consequences of Nonmedical ADHD Medication Use by College Students
Objective: This study examines why college students without a prescription take ADHD medication, what they perceive the consequences of this to be, and whether attention problems are associated withExpand
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Self-Reported ADHD and Adjustment in College
Objective: To examine the association between self-reported ADHD and college adjustment. Participants: Study 1 included nearly 3400 undergraduates attending a public and private university. Study 2Expand
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Cognitive deficits and CNS damage after a 4-day binge ethanol exposure in rats
Impairments of learning and memory are common neuropsychological sequelae of chronic alcohol abuse. Alcoholics often have impairments of anterograde memory, including spatial memory dysfunction, andExpand
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Adjustment to College in Students With ADHD
Objective: To examine college adjustment in students reporting an ADHD diagnosis and the effect of medication treatment on students' adjustment. Method: 1,648 first-semester freshmen attending aExpand
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Magnesium-free medium activates seizure-like events in the rat hippocampal slice
The effect of magnesium-free medium on the electrical activity in CA3 of the rat hippocampal slice was examined. Magnesium removal resulted in the development of spontaneous and triggeredExpand
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Differential effects of ethanol on memory in adolescent and adult rats.
Previous studies have shown that ethanol inhibits memory-related synaptic activity and plasticity more potently in hippocampal slices from immature rats, compared with those taken from adults. WeExpand
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Choline availability to the developing rat fetus alters adult hippocampal long-term potentiation.
Supplementation with choline during pregnancy in rats causes a long-lasting improvement of visuospatial memory of the offspring. To determine if the behavioral effects of choline are related toExpand
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Differential effects of ethanol in adolescent and adult rats.
Alcohol use in children and adolescents is widespread. However, very little is known about the effects of alcohol exposure during this period of postnatal development. The goal of the present studyExpand
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Differential anxiogenic, aversive, and locomotor effects of THC in adolescent and adult rats
RationaleUnpleasant side effects of drugs of abuse often limit their repeated use; however, such effects may be attenuated in adolescents compared to adults.ObjectivesWe investigated whether theExpand
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The Misuse and Diversion of Prescribed ADHD Medications by College Students
Objective: This study assesses the misuse and diversion of prescribed attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medications. Method: One hundred fifteen students, attending two universities,Expand
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