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Genetic diversity and antifungal activity of species of Pestalotiopsis isolated as endophytes from medicinal plants
The genetic diversity of fungal endophytes in root, bark and twigs of four medicinally important plants, Azadirachta indica, Holarrhena antidysenterica, Terminalia arjuna and T. chebula wereExpand
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Beauveria bassiana -A Potential Mycopesticide for the Efficient Control of Coffee Berry Borer, Hypothenemus hampei (Ferrari) in India
The Coffee Berry Borer (CBB), Hypothenemus hampei (Ferrari) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) has been a serious insect pest of coffee cultivars C. robusta and C. catimor in India since 1991, causing 40-80%Expand
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Genetic diversity and population structure among isolates of the brown spot fungus, Bipolaris oryzae, as revealed by inter-simple sequence repeats (ISSR)
Bipolaris oryzae , the rice brown spot fungus is one of the pathological threats to rice crop worldwide. The genetic diversity among the Indian isolates of brown spot pathogen was studied usingExpand
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Phylogenetic analysis of endophytic Pestalotiopsis species from ethnopharmaceutically important medicinal trees
The phylogenetic diversity in 30 endophytic Pestalotiopsis strains and two Bartalinia robillardoides strains isolated from the medicinal plants Azadirachta indica, Holarrhena antidysenterica,Expand
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Detection and quantification of fumonisins from Fusarium verticillioides in maize grown in southern India
Fumonisins are a group of fungal toxins, occurring worldwide in maize infected mainly by Fusariumverticillioides. This paper describes the level of fumonisins in maize seed samples and the ability ofExpand
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Drosophila fauna of Nagarhole, South India, including description of a new species (Diptera: Drosophilidae)
Drosophila collections made using traps baited with fermenting bananas from Nagarhole (Western Ghats) yielded a total of 15 species including a new species,Drosophila nagarholensis. Majority ofExpand
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Diversity studies on the endophytic fungi of Vitex negundo L.
A total of 143 endophytic fungal isolates were recovered from 1350 bark, twig and leaf segments of Vitex negundo L. which has important traditional medicinal value in the Indian system of medicine.Expand
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Drosophila fauna of Sahyadri Hills (Western Ghats) with description of a new species
Drosophila collections of Sahyadri Hill range revealed the occurrence of several known species ofDrosophila in addition to a new species,Drosophila sahyadrii, a member of thesuzukii subgroup ofExpand
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Seasonality and population fluctuations in theDrosophila of Western Ghats
Population fluctuations of various species ofDrosophila in the 5 localities of Bababudangiri and Kemmangundi Hill ranges (Western Ghats) were analysed with reference to the seasons of the year. TheExpand
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Purification and partial characterization of manganese superoxide dismutase from downy mildew resistant pearl millet seedlings inoculated with Sclerospora graminicola
Abstract The Mn-SOD was purified from pearl millet by ammonium sulfate precipitation followed by column chromatography using DEAE-cellulose and Sephadex G-100. The isozyme has a molecular weight ofExpand
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