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Frequency and susceptibility profile of pathogens causing urinary tract infections at a tertiary care hospital in western Nepal.
INTRODUCTION Urinary tract infection (UTI) is the most common nosocomial infection among hospitalised patients. Area-specific monitoring studies aimed to gain knowledge about the type of pathogensExpand
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Metal-containing DNA hairpins as hybridization probes
A RuII–based emission, while almost entirely quenched in a RuII/OsII heterodimetallated DNA hairpin, is dramatically restored upon hybridization to a complementary oligonucleotide, whileExpand
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Konjugierte 1,10-Phenanthroline als modulierbare Fluorophore
Mehrere Emissionsfarben konnen mit derselben Verbindung aus einer neuartigen Klasse stark lichtemittierender und im sichtbaren Spektralbereich fluoreszierender 1,10-Phenanthroline 1 erzeugt werden.Expand
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Synthesis of Isoxazoles and Cyanopyridines Bearing Benzo(b)thiophene Nucleus as Potential Antitubercular and Antimicrobial Agents
Isoxazole (2a-l) and cyanopyridine (3a-l) derivatives have been prepared by condensing chalcones (1a-l) with hydroxylamine hydrochloride and malononitrile respectively. While compounds 1a-l have beenExpand
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Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of 2‐(3′,5′‐Dichlorobenzo[b]thiophen‐2′‐yl)‐5‐aryl‐1,3,4‐oxadiazoles and 2‐Arylsulfonylhydrazinocarbonyl‐3,5‐dichlorobenzo[b]thiophenes.
2-(3',5'-dichlorobenzo[b]thiophen-2'-yl)-5-aryl-1,3,4-oxadiazoles (2a-1) were obtained from the 2-hydrazino carobonyl-3,5-dichlorobenzo[b]thiophene (1) by the reaction with different arylsulfonylExpand
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Synthesis and biological study of some new chalcone and pyrazole derivatives
Substituted chalcone and pyrazole derivatives have been synthesized by reacting 3-isopropyl-4-methoxybenzaldehyde with various aromatic ketones by using alkali as catalyst to affordExpand
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Facile Synthesis of Some New Azetidinones (VI) and Acetyl Oxadiazoles (VIII) Bearing Benzo[b]thiophene Nucleus as a Potent Biological Active Agent.
2-Hydrazinocarbonyl-3-chloro-5-phenoxybenzo[b]thiophene 1 has been prepared by the condensation of 3-chloro-5-phenoxybenzo[b]thiophenoyl chloride with hydrazine hydrate. Compound 1 on condensationExpand
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Carbethoxy-5-(3'-bromophenyl)-3-aryl-2-cyclohexenones 2a-j were obtained from the1-Aryl-3-(3'-bromophenyl)-2-propene-1-ones 1a-j by Micheal addition of ethyl acetoacetate, followed by internalExpand
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