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Screening of Indian plants for biological activity: Part XII.
Three hundred botanically identified plant materials have been extracted with 50% ethanol and the extracts put through a wide biological screen, finding biological activities have been confirmed in fractions of fifty-six of these extracts. Expand
Antihepatotoxic and immunostimulant properties of iridoid glycosides of Scrophularia koelzii
The alcoholic extract of the aerial parts of Scrophularia koelzii significantly protected the rat liver against thioacetamide induced toxicity and showed maximum hepatoprotective activity. Expand
Spermicidal potential of saponins isolated from Indian medicinal plants.
Saponins isolated from sixteen Indian plants showed spermicidal activity in human semen in both the Spot and IPPF tests and was found to be associated with the β-amyrin C-28 carboxylic acid type of sapogenins linked to a particular sequence of sugar moieties. Expand
Dysobinin, a new tetranortriterpene from Dysoxylum binectariferum☆
Abstract Dysobinin, a new tetranortriterpene of the meliacin group showing general CNS-depressant action and mild anti-inflammatory activity was isolated from the fruits of Dysoxylum binectariferum .Expand
Bioactivity of Marine Organisms. VI. Antiviral Evaluation of Marine Algal Extracts from the Indian Coast
The palmitoyl ester amide of dihydroxy sphingosine was found to be the antiviral principle of Ulva fasciata and the two species of Hypnea was attributed to the polysaccharides. Expand
Bioactivity of marine organisms: Part VIII--Screening of some marine flora of western coast of India.
Methanolic extracts of 31 botanically identified species of marine flora, collected from Gujarat Coast, have been screened for a wide range of biological activities and the antiviral activity; against EMCV, was confirmed in one alga. Expand
Putranjiva roxburghii wall.—II
Two new triterpenoids namelyPutranjivanonol and putranjic acid, a hydroxy acid, have been isolated from the trunk bark of Putranjiva roxburghii Wall. Expand
Bioactivity of marine organisms: Part VI--Screening of some marine flora from Indian coasts.
Alcoholic extracts of 50 botanically identified species of marine flora have been screened for a wide range of biological activities. Of these, 2 extracts exhibited anti-amoebic and antiviralExpand
Hariamide, a novel sulfated sphingolipid from a Zoanthus sp. of the Indian coast
A novel sulfated sphingolipid, hariamide (1), and a known ceramide (4) have been isolated from the methanolic extractive of a Zoanthus sp. of the Indian coast. The proposed structure for hariamide asExpand