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Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature.
P hilosophy and the Mirror of Nature hit the philosophical world like a bombshell. Richard Rorty, a Princeton professor who had contributed to the analytic tradition in philosophy, was now attemptingExpand
Psychology for Life
Principles of polemic in Russell
Three polemical exchanges between Bertrand Russell and F. H. Bradley, F. C. S. Schiller, and the prosecutor in Russell's trial for violating the Defence of the Realm Act in 1916 are examined in orderExpand
A bibliography of Bertrand Russell
Abbreviations Introduction "The Use of Books" by Bertrand Russell Acknowledgements Part A: Books Pamphlets and Leaflets Part B: Contributions to Books, Pamphlets and Leaflets Part G: Original BlurbsExpand
Mortals and others : Bertrand Russell's American essays, 1931-1935
This collection of essays and journalism cover a wide range of topics, from balancing prosperity and public expenditure or the mental differences between boys and girls to 'who may use lipstick'.Expand
The Present Status of the Verifiability Criterion
Mortals and others : American essays, 1931-1935
Includes On Bores The Triumph of Stupidity What Makes People Likeable Men Versus Insects I Escape From Progress The Cult of the Individual On Medievalism Can We Think Quickly Enough Expecting theExpand
Russell on the Meaning of "Good"
Outcomes of Lecture and Discussion Procedures in Three College Courses
THE INVESTIGATION here reported has sought to measure and contrast some out comes of lecture and discussion methods in col lege teaching. Since the cultivation of emotional and social values as wellExpand