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Marginal pricing and supplement cost allocation in transmission open access
The application of marginal costing to transmission pricing in open access schemes requires the collection of a supplement to finance the transmission systems. The paper describes the application ofExpand
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Short-term hydrothermal generation scheduling model using a genetic algorithm
A new model to deal with the short-term generation scheduling problem for hydrothermal systems is proposed. Using genetic algorithms (GAs), the model handles simultaneously the subproblems ofExpand
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Large-Scale Distribution Planning—Part I: Simultaneous Network and Transformer Optimization
This paper is the first of two and presents a planning methodology for low-voltage distribution networks. Combined optimization of transformers and associated networks is performed, considering theExpand
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Use of system approaches for transmission open access pricing
The Latin American deregulated markets have based their open access schemes on a concept that considers a multilateral use of the transmission system, with all agents contributing to the financing ofExpand
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Assessment of generators strategic behavior in long term supply contract auctions using portfolio concepts
Long term supply contracts (LTSC) auctions are being used worldwide as a tool to stimulate system expansion in electrical markets. The need to assess the strategic behavior of generation investors isExpand
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Transmission Cost Allocation by Cooperative Games and Coalition Formation
The allocation of costs of a transmission system to its users is still a pending problem in many electric sector market regulations. This paper contributes with a new allocation method among theExpand
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Hydrothermal Market Simulator Using Game Theory: Assessment of Market Power
The aim of this work is to build a model able to simulate a hydrothermal electric power market based on simple bids to a power exchange. The model studies the behavior of different market agents in aExpand
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Economically adapted transmission systems in open access schemes-application of genetic algorithms
A dynamic transmission planning methodology using a genetic algorithm is formulated for the purpose of determining an economically adapted electric transmission system in a deregulated open accessExpand
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Evaluation of alternatives for power system coordination and pooling in a competitive environment
The paper defines and classifies essential issues that relate the need for electric power system coordination with the increasing development of competition. Principles are formulated and aExpand
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Integration of price cap and yardstick competition schemes in electrical distribution regulation
The disadvantages of traditional "rate of return" regulation for distribution tariffs have led to he development of new regulatory schemes to stimulate efficiency in the provision of the service,Expand
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