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Dictionary of the Bible
ion, their eyes fi-iced on tiie centre of tlieir own bodies, the (^uietists of the 14th century dicruXoo-Toi, oix<pa\6y\iuxoi.) enjoyed an unspeakable tranquillity, believed themselves to be radiantExpand
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New Bible Dictionary
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Individual and Community in the Old Testament*
I W HAT is the Biblical view of the relation of man to society? Is he conceived of merely as a fragment of the community, borne along in its life and involved in the vicissitudes of its fortunes, orExpand
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From Moses to Qumran: Studies in the Old Testament
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The Book of Job and its meaning
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The Kittim and the Dead Sea Scrolls
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The Marriage of Ruth
The simple story of the book of Ruth abounds in problems for which no final solution can ever be found, since the materials for their solution are denied us. On this village scene, so different inExpand
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