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Risk factors and determinants of neurodevelopmental outcome in cystic periventricular leucomalacia
Abstract The aim of the study was to determine risk factors for the development of cystic periventricular leucomalacia (PVL) and to correlate ultrasound findings with neurodevelopmental outcome. ByExpand
Serological testing of human blood samples for infectious diseases in the Abeokuta and the Minna Hospitals/Nigeria.
In serological investigations undertaken in two hospitals in Nigeria a total of 188 blood samples were examined and the following positive reactions for various diseases found: malaria 100%,Expand
Abstract. Borkenstein, J., Borkenstein, M. and Rosegger, H. (Department of Medicine and Department of Paediatrics, University of Graz, Landeskrankenhaus, Graz, Austria). Pulmonary function studies inExpand
Horner's syndrome after treatment of tension pneumothorax with tube thoracostomy in a newborn infant
A premature infant who developed respiratory distress syndrome required artifical ventilation. A right-sided tension pneumothorax at the age of 78 h was treated by insertion of a P.V.C. chest tubeExpand
[Children of insulin-dependent diabetic patients. A determination of status].
We report on 143 newborns of mothers with insulin dependent diabetes during pregnancy. The mean birth weight was 3.091 (+/- 619) g at a mean gestational age of 38.4 (+/- 2) weeks. Neonatal morbidityExpand
[Meconium aspiration syndrome. 1. Perinatal problems; etiology and types].
  • H. Rosegger
  • Medicine
  • Wiener klinische Wochenschrift
  • 7 January 1983
Obstetric literature deals with meconium stained amniotic fluid (AF) in various ways when judging it as an indicator of fetal distress. This evidently reflects the difficulty of finding overtExpand
Necrotizing enterocolitis prophylaxis: oral antibiotics and lyophilized enterobacteria vs oral immunoglobulins
We conducted a prospective randomized trial to compare the efficacy of oral gentamicin versus oral IgA‐IgG for the prophylaxis of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC); 200 newborns considered at high riskExpand
Serological investigations in Nigeria for anthropozoonoses in human sera: brucellosis, echinococcosis, toxoplasmosis, chlamydial diseases, listeriosis, rickettsiosis (Coxiella burneti and Rickettsia
176 blood sera taken from patients in the hospital of Minna and Abeokuta (Nigeria) were examined for anthropozoonoses. The following positive reactions could be found: Brucella abortus 9%, BrucellaExpand
Cytokine production by cord blood mononuclear cells stimulated with cows milk proteins in vitro: interleukin‐4 and transforming growth factor β‐secreting cells detected in the CD45RO T cell
Background Food antigens from the maternal circulation may sensitize fetal T cells in utero and be an important determinant in the development of food allergy.
Cerebral blood flow velocities in the first minutes of life
Sir: Few data on cerebral haemodynamics in the early neonatal period have been published. Therefore we read with interest the article by Hayashi and coworkers [2] on Doppler sonographic measurementsExpand