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An inventory of the moth fauna (Lepidoptera) of Jatinga, Assam, India.
707 Abstract An inventory of the moth fauna of a tiny North Eastern locality, Jatinga in North Cachar Hills (Haflong: Assam: latitude 24 to 28 18’ N, longitude 89 46’ E to 97 4’ E) is prepared for
Taxonomic notes on the subfamily Curetinae (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) from Himalayas in India
During the course of present studies the male genitalia of the two species viz., bulis and acuta have been examined and key to species has been constructed by adding characters of genitalic organs besides other morphological characters.
Gelechiid diversity (Lepidoptera) from Siwalik hills of north-western Himalaya
© Zoo Outreach Organisation; www.zoosprint.org Manuscript 1352; Received 12 April 2005; Revised received 27 July 2005; Finally accepted 11 October 2005; Date of publication 21 December 2005 2127
Chaetotaxy of first instar caterpillar of world's smallest butterfly, Freyria putli (Kollar) (Lycaenidae Papilionoidea: Lepidoptera)
Freyria putli (Kollar) commonly available in north-west India has been reared on the leaves of its natural host plant, Tribulus terresfris (Linnaeus), and it has been inferred that the occurrence of subprimary subdorsal seta SD3 from segments T3 to A7 and the peg-shaped L3 seta from segments A1 to A9 appears to be diagnostic characters of the species.
Studies on Indian species of the genus Palpita Hubner (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae: Pyraustinae)
The study revealed that all species belong/form a natual group and the gnathos is always wanting in the male genitalia.