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A Reassessment of the Conservation Status of Crayfishes of the United States and Canada after 10+ Years of Increased Awareness
A list of all crayfishes in the United States and Canada that includes common names; state and provincial distributions; a comprehensive review of the conservation status of all taxa; and references on biology, conservation, and distribution is provided.
Diversity, distribution, and conservation status of the native freshwater fishes of the Southern United States
The Southeastern Fishes Council Technical Advisory Committee reviewed the diversity, distribution, and status of all native freshwater and diadromous fishes across 51 major drainage units of the southern United States to determine the status of extinct, endangered, threatened, or vulnerable fishes.
Conservation Status of Crayfishes of the United States and Canada
It is estimated that almost 50% of crayfishes in United States and Canada are in need of conservation recognition, and it is hoped that this report spurs increased research efforts from aquatic ...
The Amphibians and Reptiles of Arkansas
Written by a herpetologists, this book provides an examination of the amphibians and reptiles of Arkansas, featuring over 136 species and subspecies. It includes over five hundred four-color photos,
The Fishes of Oklahoma
Minnows (Cyprinidae) Central stoneroller Campostoma anomalum Largescale stoneroller Campostoma oligolepis Goldfish Carassius auratus Bluntface shiner Cyprinella camura Red shiner Cyprinella lutrensis
Influence of Drainage Connectivity, Drainage Area and Regional Species Richness on Fishes of the Interior Highlands in Arkansas
Abstract There has been strong recent interest in the “macroecological” approach of explaining local community phenomena as a consequence of patterns at larger geographic scales. Various authors have
Similarities in Fish Distribution and Water Quality Patterns in Streams of Arkansas: Congruence of Multivariate Analyses
Comparison of large water quality and fish abundance data sets shows spatial distribution of stream fishes within this midwestern state to be significantly related to an aggregate of water-quality conditions.
Fifty-four State Records of True Bugs (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) from Arkansas
The terrestrial true bug (HemipterarHeteroptera) fauna of Arkansas is poorly represented in the literature. Between 1998 and 2004, we retained Hemiptera specimens collected while conducting a few