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Sad, Bad, Mad: Responding to the Health of Canada's Children
THE TEACHER who ruled the one-room school I attended in the late 1950s had only a meager supply of pedagogical references. The books behind her desk seemed to be limited to the teacher's editions of
Public Education in a Corporate-Dominated Culture
In this chapter, Heather-jane Robertson critiques the growth of corporate interest and involvement in public education. The chapter pulls no punches. It critiques the trend towards the
Does Size Matter?
CANADIANS have reached consensus on two issues. Our weather should be better, and class sizes should be smaller. Everyone takes comfort in restating the obvious, it seems, and neither topic goes away
Toward a Theory of Negativity
Teachers are vulnerable to the technopositivist ideology that perpetuates a naive faith in the “promises” of technology. Most teachers have been denied opportunities to explore the motives, power,
Going Bananas
In Canada: Lost in Translation.
I RECENTLY found the following query posted to the Internet chatroom of the Math Central website hosted by the University of Regina: "What is the future demand, in numbers, for a secondary
An Idea Whose Time Keeps Coming
IN 1976 the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) turned its sights on Canada's education system. The short version of their long report on our national education policies was
Dropouts or Leftouts? School Leavers in Canada
ONTARIO'S education minister, Gerard Kennedy, has announced that no student will be allowed to drop out of school before the age of 18. The government has promised to link youths' eligibility to