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Daily Well-Being: The Role of Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness
Emotional well-being is most typically studied in trait or trait-like terms, yet a growing literature indicates that daily (within-person) fluctuations in emotional well-being may be equally
Five domains of interpersonal competence in peer relationships.
It was found that self-perceptions of competence varied as a function of sex of subject, sex of interaction partner, and competence domain, whereas satisfaction in friendships was most strongly related to emotional support competence.
An Atlas of Interpersonal Situations
Foreword Part I. Introduction and Theory: 1. Interpersonal situations: the context of social behavior 2. Outcome interdependence 3. Interaction conditions and person factors 4. Exploring the
Behavioral activation and inhibition in everyday life.
Results demonstrate the value of distinguishing within-person and between-person effects to clarify the functionally independent processes by which dispositional sensitivities influence affect.
Are you happy for me? How sharing positive events with others provides personal and interpersonal benefits.
It is found that sharing good news with others increases the perceived value of those events, especially when others respond enthusiastically, and that enthusiastic responses to shared good news promote the development of trust and a prosocial orientation toward the other.
Reinvigorating the Concept of Situation in Social Psychology
  • H. Reis
  • Psychology
    Personality and social psychology review : an…
  • 10 June 2008
The author proposes that attention to three elements will reinvigorate the concept of situation in social psychology: that the analysis of situations should begin with their objective features; that situations should be conceptualized as affordances; and that the interpersonal core of situations is the proper and most profitable focus for social psychology.
Online Dating
Whether online dating is fundamentally different from conventional offline dating and whether online dating promotes better romantic outcomes than conventional offlinedating are examined, psychological science employs psychological science to examine.