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Discovering Social Networks from Event Logs
This paper defines metrics, presents a tool, and applies these to a real event log within the setting of a large Dutch organization, to build a social network based on the hand-over of work from one performer to the next.
A Discourse on Complexity of Process Models
Insight is gathered from software engineering, cognitive science, and graph theory on how complexity can be measured, and in how far analogous metrics can be defined on business process models.
What Makes Process Models Understandable?
The results reveal that participants tend to exaggerate the differences in model understandability, that self-assessment of modeling competence appears to be invalid, and that the number of arcs in models has animportant influence on understandability.
A Study Into the Factors That Influence the Understandability of Business Process Models
Findings are that both types of investigated factors affect model understanding, while personal factors seem to be the more important of the two.
Blockchains for Business Process Management - Challenges and Opportunities
The challenges and opportunities of blockchain for business process management (BPM) are outlined and how blockchains could be used in the context of the established BPM lifecycle and how they might become relevant beyond are reflected.
Best practices in business process redesign: use and impact
The presented list of BPR best practices is directly applicable to derive new process designs and can be used by practitioners to keep the various aspects of a redesign in perspective.