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Fatigue life models for SnAgCu and SnPb solder joints evaluated by experiments and simulation
In recent years, many solder fatigue models have been developed to predict the fatigue life of solder joints under thermal cycle conditions. While a variety of life prediction models have beenExpand
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High-Frequency Modeling of TSVs for 3-D Chip Integration and Silicon Interposers Considering Skin-Effect, Dielectric Quasi-TEM and Slow-Wave Modes
  • I. Ndip, B. Curran, +4 authors H. Henke
  • Materials Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and…
  • 15 September 2011
Through-silicon vias (TSVs) in low, medium and high resistivity silicon for 3-D chip integration and interposers are modeled and thoroughly characterized from 100 MHz to 130 GHz, considering theExpand
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Embroidering electrical interconnects with conductive yarn for the integration of flexible electronic modules into fabric
This paper shows how common embroidery can be used to integrate electronics into textile environment in a light and cost efficient way. Expand
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Efficient HF modeling and model parameterization of induction machines for time and frequency domain simulations
In this paper, a simple but highly accurate high frequency model of induction machines for time and frequency domain simulation is presented. The proposed model enables exact simulation of both,Expand
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Interlayer cooling potential in vertically integrated packages
The heat-removal capability of area-interconnect-compatible interlayer cooling in vertically integrated, high-performance chip stacks was characterized with de-ionized water as coolant.Expand
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High aspect ratio TSV copper filling with different seed layers
The paper addresses the through silicon via (TSV) filling using electrochemical deposition (ECD) of copper. The impact of seed layer nature on filling ratio and void formation will be discussed withExpand
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Predicting the Shear Strength of a Wire Bond Using Laser Vibration Measurements
Wedge/wedge bonding with AlSi-1 wire on semiconductor chips with aluminum metallization has been investigated. The scope of the article is the modeling of the wedge bond. The description of theExpand
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Development of a planar micro fuel cell with thin film and micro patterning technologies
Abstract Technologies for wafer level fabrication of planar PEM fuel cells between 1 mm2 and approximately 1 cm2 were developed. These MEMS-based micro fuel cells may be potential power sources forExpand
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Modeling of striplines between a power and a ground plane
In this paper, a stripline model is presented for coupled signal lines routed between a power and a ground plane based on multiconductor transmission line (MTL) theory. Through a suitableExpand
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Analytical, Numerical-, and Measurement–Based Methods for Extracting the Electrical Parameters of Through Silicon Vias (TSVs)
In this paper, analytical, numerical-, and measurement-based methods for extracting the resistance, inductance, capacitance, and conductance of through silicon vias (TSVs) are classified, quantified,Expand
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