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Brain drain and economic growth: theory and evidence
We focus on the impact of migration prospects on human capital formation and growth in a small, open developing economy. We assume that agents are heterogeneous in skills and take their educationalExpand
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Brain Drain and Human Capital Formation in Developing Countries: Winners and Losers
The brain drain has long been viewed as a serious constraint on poor countries development. However, recent theoretical literature suggests that emigration prospects can raise the expected return toExpand
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Network effects and the dynamics of migration and inequality: Theory and evidence from Mexico
International migration is costly and initially only the middle class of the wealth distribution may have both the means and incentives to migrate, which can increase inequality in the sendingExpand
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Can migration reduce educational attainment? Evidence from Mexico
This paper examines the impact of migration on educational attainment in rural Mexico. Using historical migration rates to instrument for current migration, we find evidence of a significant negativeExpand
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Globalization, Brain Drain and Development
This paper reviews four decades of economics research on the brain drain, with a focus on recent contributions and on development issues. We first assess the magnitude, intensity and determinants ofExpand
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The Economics of Migrants' Remittances
This chapter reviews the recent theoretical and empirical economic literature on migrants' remittances. It is divided between a microeconomic section on the determinants of remittances and aExpand
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Birthplace diversity and economic prosperity
We propose an index of population diversity based on people’s birthplaces and decompose it into a size (share of immigrants) and a variety (diversity of immigrants) component. We show that birthplaceExpand
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International labor and capital flows: Complements or substitutes?
In a global context, foreign direct investment (FDI) and migration substitute one another in the matching process between workers and firms. Yet, migrants provide information about future investmentExpand
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Emigration and Democracy
Migration is an important yet neglected determinant of institutions. This paper documents the channels through which emigration affects home country institutions and considers dynamic-panelExpand
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The Effect of Labor Migration on the Diffusion of Democracy: Evidence from a Former Soviet Republic
Migration contributes to the circulation of goods, knowledge, and ideas. Using community and individual-level data from Moldova, we show that the emigration episode that started in the late 1990sExpand
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