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Mechanics of breathing in man.
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Acid-base balance in cold-blooded vertebrates as a function of body temperature.
HOWELL, B. J., F. MT, BAUMGARDNER, K, BONDI, AND H. RAHN. Acid-base balance in cold-blooded vertebrates us a function of body temperuture. Am. J. Physiol. 218(Z) : 600-606. 1970.-Arterial blood pHExpand
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The avian egg: air-cell gas tension, metabolism and incubation time.
Abstract The O 2 and CO 2 tensions in the air cell of incubating eggs just pripr to the pipping stage were analyzed in nine species of birds. These appear to be very similar and average 104 and 37Expand
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Water in the Avian Egg Overall Budget of Incubation
Synopsis. The loss of mass in eggs during incubation was examined and evidence is presented to show that this is essentially due to loss of water. The mean fraction of water lost by diffusionExpand
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Scaling of Skeletal Mass to Body Mass in Birds and Mammals
New data on the allometric relationship of skeletal mass to body mass of birds and mammals indicate that the avian skeleton is not proportionately lighter than that of mammals. Pneumatization mayExpand
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Aquatic gas exchange: theory.
  • H. Rahn
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  • Respiration physiology
  • 1966
The gas exchange of water-breathing animals is described in terms of the O2 and CO2 tensions. Equations are developed which describe the gill ventilation requirements in terms of gill O2 and CO2Expand
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Gas exchange in gas gills of diving insects.
Abstract A gas gill is a gas volume bounded by a liquid-gas interface which mediates the exchange of O 2 and CO 2 between a submerged, air-breathing animal and water. Two basic types of gas gill areExpand
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Gas Exchange of Avian Eggs with Special Reference to Turkey Eggs
Abstract Surveying the gas exchange of avian eggs shortly before hatching, one finds certain functions that are common among various precocial species and that suggest a basic strategy of developmentExpand
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Pores in avian eggshells: gas conductance, gas exchange and embryonic growth rate.
  • A. Ar, H. Rahn
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  • Respiration physiology
  • 1 July 1985
The number of pores (N) in eggshells of birds were counted in 161 species ranging in egg mass (W) from 0.9 to 500 g. In addition the water vapor conductance of the shell (G) mg X (d X Torr)-1, theExpand
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Calories, Water, Lipid and Yolk in Avian Eggs
-The contents of fresh eggs of altricial, semi-altricial, semi-precocial, and precocial birds were compared with values for yolk content gathered from the literature. The continuum of developmentalExpand
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