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An atlas of the distribution of NADPH-diaphorase in the brain of the highly derived swordtail fish Xiphophorus helleri (Atherinoformes:Teleostei).
The distribution of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-diaphorase (or -dehydrogenase, NADPHDH, a marker for nitric oxide synthase, NOS) positive neurons was demonstrated histochemically inExpand
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Morphometry of fish inner ear otoliths after development at 3g hypergravity.
Size and asymmetry (size difference between the left and right sides) of inner ear otoliths of larval cichlid fish were determined after a long-term stay in moderate hypergravity conditions (3g;Expand
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Heterogeneous Expression of the Polysialyltransferases ST8Sia II and ST8Sia IV During Postnatal Rat Brain Development
Abstract: Polysialic acid on the neural cell adhesion molecule is developmentally regulated and has been implicated in the plasticity of cell‐cell interactions. The sialyltransferases ST8Sia II andExpand
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Differential Involvement of Gangliosides versus Phospholipids in the Process of Temperature Adaptation in Vertebrates: A Comparative Phenomenological and Physicochemical Study
ABSTRACT: The data presented support the idea that gangliosides are involved in thermal adaptation of neuronal membranes. Brain ganglioside patterns from cold‐blooded vertebrate species living inExpand
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Gangliosides Affect Membrane-Channel Activities Dependent on Ambient Temperature
Abstract1. The functional properties of biological membranes depend on their molecular composition. In regard to this, charged glycosphingolipids play an outstanding role in the functional adaptationExpand
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Functional implication of gangliosides in synaptic transmission
  • H. Rahmann
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Neurochemistry International
  • 31 December 1983
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Lead and zinc block a voltage-activated calcium channel of Aplysia neurons.
1. The effects of Pb2+ and Zn2+ on the peak of the voltage-activated calcium current of Aplysia neurons were examined. Calcium currents were reversibly blocked by Pb2+ at concentrations that did notExpand
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Fish otolith growth in 1g and 3g depends on the gravity vector.
Size and asymmetry (size difference between the left and the right side) as well as calcium (Ca) content of inner ear otoliths of larval cichlid fish Oreochromis mossambicus were determined after aExpand
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Early development in aquatic vertebrates in near weightlessness during the D-2 Mission STATEX project.
Aboard the German-Spacelab-Mission D-2 the project "Gravity Perception and Neuronal Plasticity (STATEX II)" was performed. STATEX is for STATolith EXperiment. Objects were growing tadpoles of theExpand
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Imaging of thick sections of nervous tissue with energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy.
Electron microscopy of nervous tissue requires on the one hand nanometre resolution for the analysis of fine structures of nerve cell contacts, for instance synaptic vesicles, synaptic membranes andExpand
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