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On the average indices of closed geodesics
On definit la notion d'indices moyens de geodesiques fermees. On demontre une relation entre ces indices pour une variete compacte simplement connexe dotee d'une metrique admissible
A sphere theorem for non-reversible Finsler metrics
For a non-reversible Finsler metric F on a compact smooth manifold M we introduce the reversibility λ= max {F(−X)|F(X)=1}≥1. We prove the following generalization of the classical sphere theorem inExpand
We show the existence of at least two geometrically distinct closed geodesics on an n-dimensional sphere with a bumpy and non-reversible Finsler metric for n > 2.
Existence of closed geodesics on positively curved Finsler manifolds
  • H. Rademacher
  • Mathematics
  • Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems
  • 8 March 2005
For non-reversible Finsler metrics of positive flag curvature on spheres and projective spaces we present results about the number and the length of closed geodesics and about their stabilityExpand
On a generic property of geodesic flows
In this paper we are concerned with a sufficient condition for a Riemannian metric on a compact simply–connected manifold to have infinitely many geometrically distinct closed geodesics. 1969Expand
Conformal transformations of pseudo-Riemannian manifolds
This is a survey about conformal mappings between pseudo-Riemannian manifolds and, in particular, conformal vector fields defined on such. Mathematics Subject Classification (2000). Primary 53C50;Expand
Finsler Conformal Lichnerowicz-Obata conjecture
We prove the Finsler analog of the conformal Lichnerowicz-Obata conjecture showing that a complete and essential conformal vector field on a non-Riemannian Finsler manifold is a homothetic vectorExpand