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Differential involvement of the medial prefrontal cortex across variants of contextual fear conditioning.
Results indicate that the mPFC is differentially recruited across stages of learning and variants of contextual fear conditioning (CPFE versus sCFC), and separating out learning about the context and the context-shock association necessitates activation of the medial prefrontal cortex during early learning and/or consolidation.
Determinants of object-in-context and object-place-context recognition in the developing rat.
The present study reports that long-term retention of object-in-context (OiC) memory emerges during early development in the rat, and that performance ofobject-place- context (OPC), a spatial variant of the OiC task, also displays protracted development until early adolescence.
Infant rats can acquire, but not retain contextual associations in object-in-context and contextual fear conditioning paradigms.
The findings suggest that pre-weanling rats encode contexts but show poor consolidation or retrieval after longer retention intervals, and differential ontogeny of two different forms of incidental context learning is shown.