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A Handbook of Living Primates
  • H. R. Catchpole
  • Computer Science
  • The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine
  • 1 August 1968
Now that books purporting to show that man is just an ape at heart, and in other ways, are making the best seller lists, a handbook of the tribe itself should command more than ordinary interest. TheExpand
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Serum and Tissue Glycoproteins in Mice Bearing Transplantable Tumors.∗
  • H. R. Catchpole
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the Society for Experimental…
  • 1 October 1950
Summary and conclusions Serum glycoproteins are increased in mice bearing transplantable tumors. Water soluble glycoproteins are increased in the connective tissue bordering and abutting on theExpand
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Primates. Comparative Anatomy and Taxonomy. Vol. 6, Catarrhini, Cercopithecoidea, Cercopithecinae
With Volume Six, Osman Hill's Primates definitively achieves monumental status. Expand
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The weight and length of fetal monkeys, Macaca mulatta, from the fortieth day of gestation to term were tabulated and plotted as growth curves. Also plotted were the weight of the normal placenta,Expand
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A microprobe analysis of inorganic elements in Halobacterium salinarum
Halobacterium salinarum were grown on peptone agar containing 4.28 M NaCl, 0.036 M K and other salts. Stationary phase organisms were lifted onto carbon planchets, freeze‐dried, carbon coated andExpand
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Histochemistry of connective tissue.
  • H. R. Catchpole
  • Medicine
  • The Proceedings of the Institute of Medicine of…
  • 1970
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International Review of Connective Tissue Research
This handsomely produced volume, the first in a series, covers aspects of fibroblast, collagen, hormone effects, elastase, calcification, diabetes, and atherosclerosis. Even admitting the bounds ofExpand
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