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Quasi-monoenergetic laser-plasma acceleration of electrons to 2 GeV
Simulations indicate that with improvements in the laser-pulse focus quality, acceleration to nearly 10 GeV should be possible with the available pulse energy, and the principal physical barriers to multi-gigaelectronvolt acceleration are overcome.
Geometrothermodynamics of black holes
The thermodynamics of black holes is reformulated within the context of the recently developed formalism of geometrothermodynamics. This reformulation is shown to be invariant with respect to
Normal Coordinates and Primitive Elements¶in the Hopf Algebra of Renormalization
Abstract: We introduce normal coordinates on the infinite dimensional group G introduced by Connes and Kreimer in their analysis of the Hopf algebra of rooted trees. We study the primitive elements
Motion of charged test particles in Reissner-Nordström spacetime
We investigate the circular motion of charged test particles in the gravitational field of a charged mass described by the Reissner-Nordstr\"om (RN) spacetime. We study in detail all the spatial
Multipole Moments in General Relativity —Static and Stationary Vacuum Solutions—
In the first part of this paper, we review the most important properties of the axisymmetric and stationary solutions of Einstein's vacuum field equations, the solution generating techniques
Exterior and interior metrics with quadrupole moment
We present the Ernst potential and the line element of an exact solution of Einstein’s vacuum field equations that contains as arbitrary parameters the total mass, the angular momentum, and the
Geometrothermodynamics of higher dimensional black holes
We study the thermodynamics and geometrothermodynamics of different black hole configurations in more than four spacetime dimensions. We use the response functions to find the conditions under which
Equatorial circular motion in Kerr spacetime
We analyze the properties of circular orbits of test particles on the equatorial plane of a rotating central mass whose gravitational eld is described by the Kerr spacetime. For rotating black holes
Gravitational field of compact objects in general relativity
We study some exact and approximate solutions of Einstein's equations that can be used to describe the gravitational field of astrophysical compact objects in the limiting case of slow rotation and
Equatorial circular orbits of neutral test particles in the Kerr-Newman spacetime
We present a detailed analysis of the orbital circular motion of electrically neutral test particles on the equatorial plane of the Kerr-Newman spacetime. Many details of the motion in the cases of